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What is custom made pen drive?
Wednesday, September 18, 2013

With all the USB thumb drives that are on the market, it can be difficult to determine which pen or thumb drive is yours amongst your peers.  Students often mix up their USB drives because they are so similar looking.   A great way to identify your thumb drive over others besides putting a sticker or writing on it is to design your own. 

Custom made pen drive made with PVC rubber

People think that you can only get a thumb drive off the shelf at the store.  They are dead wrong because a savvy company has enhanced the USB market by creating custom made pen drive for people.  Anyone can upload an image of their choice and have it fabricated and engineered to result in a custom moulded usb drive.

Photographers are already taking advantage of this concept by creating custom thumb drives to give them to their customers as a gift.  Not only is this a great marketing technique for the photographer but it also can pass as business card with their information printed and decorated on the custom IT thumb drive.  The customer benefits because the data or photos that are copied onto the thumb drive can go anywhere with the customer and its unique enough that it won’t get mixed up with other USB sticks.

Custom made pen drive are perfect to give your child as a gift.  Load pictures and documents onto the drive and offer it as a graduation gift for your child for when you push them out the door to college.  These are amazing gifts and the engineering of the custom thumb drive is created with quality PVC materials that don’t diminish over the lifetime of the thumb drive.  Designs can be uploaded then converted into a three dimension concept and the final product is a unique shaped pen drive.

These drives are perfect for promotional items as well.  Vendors all over are starting to adopt this new concept to set their business apart.  People need compact USB devices for data migrations and to store information on.  What better way to advertise your business is standing out with your company logo USB thumb drive? 

Each drive is catered to with careful hands on design to make sure that the quality of the final product is successful.  The sophisticated software makes the USB drive an amazing product because high end CAD software is used to develop the custom made USB drive from cradle to grave.  It’s easy to implement with the right eye and your custom drive will definitely stand out.