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What make card shape pen drive ideal as corporate gifts?
Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What make usb card or card shape pen drive so unique and practical as corporate gifts? When it comes to choosing the perfect corporate gift items, the preference is always given to commodities which exude modernity and style and can look lucrative enough at the same time. The most corporate gifts of the corporate world are USB flash drives which are being used in almost all the companies across the world.

USB credit card with full color printing

What makes them so popular?

When we talk about corporate gifts, we need to ensure that the commodities look and feel worthy enough to be called a gift at the first place. The premium gifts have to be items of the finest quality. And since the USB Flash Drives serve the purpose of utility and modernity, customizing them is just the perfect way of enhancing their look and value. The outcome of it is so enticing that everyone wishes to own one such item.

The best design:
There are various designs which are available in the market for customized flash drives but the most popular one is the card shape pen drive. The card shape USB drive is designed to resemble a plastic card, similar to a credit card or a visiting card. A card shape pen drive looks sophisticated and stylish and is a most coveted item amongst all the other corporate gifts.


There are some unique features which makes the card shaped USB drive a thing to crave for amongst people. We will now take a look at some of its features.

Stylish looks:
A card shape pen drive is one of the most stylish devices that have ever been created. It looks very sophisticated indeed and its beauty is further enhanced by the deception it creates. On the first glance it appears to be a normal card, like a credit card, but on closer inspection, the actual purpose of the card is revealed.

Comfortable to carry:

A card shaped flash drives rests snugly in one of the compartments of your wallet and therefore is a very comfortable device to carry around. Moreover, since it can fit into your wallet, you do not have to constantly worry about misplacing it, losing it or forgetting to carry it along. Furthermore, a user does not have to worry all the time about the device being damaged due to exposure as the wallet acts a cushion to protect it.

There are many variants of memory capacity and a user can choose the best one based on his usage and preference.