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What to buy for your clients as premium gift?
Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Often the time, we do not know what is the best premium gift item  to purchase for our clients to value the business relationship. Thumb drive or usb flash drive is a portable storage device which is used by anybody and everybody who uses a computer or a laptop. It is one of the few basic necessities that one must possess in order to stay at par with today’s technological advances. A custom made pen drive is a popular item in the list of premium gift.

There are innumerous perks of being associated with corporate giants. One of them is that you get to own a number of fantastic goods and commodities which are famous for their usability and their value is further enhanced with a customized logo. There are various items which are used as corporate gift items. The most common ones are a coffee mug, a pen, a calendar and many more such utilities. However, with changing times, even the corporate are looking into the matter of having modern and sophisticated gifts for their employees and in these terms, the favorite item is considered to be a USB flash drive.

As we all know, premium gift are meant for a specific group of people who are closely associated with an organization. Also, premium gifts are taken as a motivational factor to boost the employees towards working harder. Therefore, an item meant to be used as a corporate gift must symbolize the organizations vision to grow and excel and a modern commodity like a flash drive serves that purpose very well.

There are various types of customized USB Flash Drives that are available in the market. There are manufacturers of these commodities who act upon special requests and deliver a preferred design and number of units to an organization. Let us now take a look at some of the most popular designs of custom made flash drives.

Classic pen drive

Classic Pen Drive
This type of pen drive is still the most popular amongst the model due to its budget and capless design.


wristband thumb drive
Wristband thumb drive
This flash drive which resembles a wrist band looks as amazing as it sounds. It is one of the favorites amongs the employees.
Wooden pen drive
Wooden pen drive
This one has wooden cover attached to it and looks very sophisticated indeed. And when it comes with the logo of your organization imprinted on it, its value increases ten folds.

Metal usb flash drive

Metal pen drive

This piece comes with an outer metallic body and is popular for its sheen and glamour. Also, when it comes to branding a commodity, metal provides a touch of finality to it since the logo becomes more durable when embedded on a metal base.